Friday, June 14, 2013


By Mary Alize Velazquez

Hope everyone is having a blessed and productive week and are ready to bust out the popcorn. These are the newest releases from Hollywood.

Directed by Zack Snyder and with actors Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane and many others bring this action thrilled story to the big screen this week. Born on an alien planet Kal –El is sent to live on planet earth by his parents there he is named Clark by a farmer and his wife. The couple raises him on the farm and they learn to accept him with his incredible superpowers. As he becomes an adult Clark works as a reporter for the Metropolitan newspaper. His live takes a twist when the world around him is threatened by a force that humans are powerless. Clark assumes the role of superman and fights to protect the human race. So for all the Superman lovers this is your movie so make sure to check it out.


Directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil and actors Paul Walker, Naima McLean, Gys De Villiers and others bring the story of a parole who will take you on a fast ride. The parolee becomes the target for a massive police hunt. After he picks up a vehicle that contains a female whistleblower that is tied up on the trunk of the vehicle he is driving. The police are on a mission to capture the women from opening her mouth and putting their dirty laundry of how corrupt the city officials are. The ex con who just gained his freedom must now save this unknown women to him and at the same time clear his name.

Director Andrew Lau and actors Ethan Juan, Shawn Yue, Jing Boran, Li Yuchun and others come to the big screen this week with an action filled movie. A group of assassins are a set to destroy and over power the land. Emperor Yong Zheng has maintained his strength and ruled the land with the support of his group of assassins known as The Guillotines but when the emperor Qian Long becomes the ruler he attempts to consolidate his force and unleashes a gang of killers to finish and defeat the Han Chinese. This leading to a violent struggle for power and position of the land leading to an unstoppable battle to prove who the emperor of all times is.


This movie is based on actual events directed by Sofia Coppola and actors Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga and others bring the story of group of teenagers whom have quite an obsession with fashion and celebrities. This group of teen burglarizes celebrities home and stalks them by online and also steals their clothes and personal belongings. The group of The Bling Ring soon becomes prisoners of their own addictions and uncontrolled behavior as well as obsession. A very interesting movie of real life in the actuality of celebrities and their daily lives.

This is it on my part friends hope you enjoy one or two of these movies.

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