Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Frustrating Story with GODADDY

Dear friends and readers, I am going to share an experience I had with the company GODADDY.COM that claims to have an excellent customer service, but I am having a terrible and frustrating experience with such service.

All I need is to be able to change my phone number to receive a code, since I activated 2 step verification process and codes are sent to your phone on file for greater security, but since I only go to GoDaddy site once, when I changed phone numbers and deactivated my old phone number, I forgot to cancel it and now I am not able to enter my own site because codes are being sent to the old deactivated phone number.

I have already answered all their questions and filled out their email forms they sent me and after 13 days STILL NO ANSWER! 

This coming week, I will tell you what was the end of this frustrating and incredible experience of the worst customer service I have ever encountered! And be careful when you enable doble security (when you have to provide a code sent to your phone to verify it´s you) make sure you disable it before you change your phone number or you will not be able to access your own Internet account.

If a company does not provide an alternative way to access that security code, which most do, except GODADDY, BE CAUTIOUS, DO NOT ENABLE TWO STEP SECURITY AND PLEASE look for another company that offers double ways to verify your code. Otherwise, If you have the need to change phone numbers for any reason, and you forgot to cancel 2 step verification, you will start a nightmare trying to get back into your own account!

Other companies like GOOGLE and YAHOO were very fast and helpful sending a code to my email, or alternative email. They also gave me choices like an alternative phone number to be able to access the security code.

That is why I am sharing this nonsense attitude with my readers and with my audience at TONY FRANCO RADIO SHOW. I hope something positive comes out of this frustrating experience and we both can learn a good lesson.

I am so frustrated with not getting an answer for something so simple, if I need a code to enter my own site then email me one, you have had my business for so long and a hacker would not request a code to be sent to the customer email, or if they have my physical address send  a letter or if I answer the secret password then it means that I am the person they do business with, but try to help a customer in need! And It has been 13 days and still I cannot get into my account! And the worst part my site being down is causing me financial losses.



APRIL 5, 2017


GODADDY continues sending verification codes to my old phone number even though I HAVE TOLD THEM A DOZEN TIMES I CHANGED PHONES! THE WHOLE ISSUE HERE IS THAT I FORGOT TO CANCEL 2 STEP VERIFICATION FIRST, OR IF I KNEW WHAT NUMBER THE NEW TELEPHONE PROVIDER WOULD GIVE ME, OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE UPDATED IT... But since I only go to my domain site registrar once a year, I forgot to cancel this feature.

Any other company finds a way to help you using other means like an alternate email, or phone NOT GODADDY SO BE CAREFUL!  I have been trying to reach different departments and no answer, I just get an email after email saying that my domain name has expired but no help on how to get into my account to pay it.

Many people I have talked to, told me once you sent the form and your ID to cancel two step verification, they respond in 3 days NOT TRUE! And in the meantime, my website is offline! 

What good can come out of this experience?

On my part, I realized how hard it would be for someone to steal your domain if you have 2 step verification, BUT REMEMBER TO UPDATE IF YOU HAVE YOUR NEW NUMBER PRIOR TO DEACTIVATING THE OLD ONE, OR CANCEL IF PHONE NUMBER IS CHANGED AND YOU WILL NOT KNOW THE NUMBER AFTER THE CHANGE!  Once you get the new number, you can access your site without a problem, because you have cancel 2 step verification and you can just sign in with your account number or user and password, no codes needed! And if you so desired, you can activate 2 step verification again because it really works!!! (even against you hahaha)

On GoDaddy's part, I really hope (if they really care), this experience will make them realize that THEY NEED TO HAVE ALTERNATIVES to provide clients with a faster solution for this kind of problem. Or hire more people that listen to a customer problem and instead of saying "I am sorry there is nothing we can do you have to just wait for an email answer or keep trying", They look for ways to really FIND A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM and help the client.

2-GODADDY needs to honor the time frame when a customer should have an answer from 2 step verification department. They claim it is 72 hours and it has been more than 20 days now!

3-Once client has updated his or her email with the company, (they finally provided me a site link, but not why not from the beginning if they knew my site was off and I could not use the registered email) GODADDY should have a code sent to that updated email so their client can cancel two step verification and avoid all the red tape because YES, I understand our security is first, but there are other ways to verify a client who has been using alternate emails with GODADDY for 4 years! And a company SHOULD NOT GO THE OPPOSITE WAY and make a nightmare and frustrating experience of this situation. 

4-GODADDY SHOULD PROVIDE ALTERNATE TOOLS in case TWO STEP VERIFICATION DEPT. TAKE THEIR SWEET TIME RESPONDING, OR INSIST IN SENDING CODES TO OLD PHONES OR NON WORKING EMAILS. That would help a client in distress and would show that they really care and can see the impact it would have on a client having his official webpage being offline! 

APRIL 10, 2017 

Dear readers, it has been 24 days since I contacted GODADDY to move my domain or at least registered and after complying to all requested documents including sending a copy of my Id! They continue denying to either register my domain or let me migrate it to my hosting company.


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