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The famous Oscar D´León will be at Conga Room in Los Angeles this Friday October 28th to entertain all salsa lovers. Make sure you use your DISCOUNT CODE NOTICOTO when purchasing your tickets.       DISCOUNT TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT IS AVAILABLE After a Sold Out performance earlier this year at the prestigious venue The Conga Room Oscar D´Leon also known as ˜El Leon De La Salsa" (Salsa´s Lion), returns to the venue by an extreme popular demand from Los Angeles audiences. The Angelenos will have the privilege  to have the special opportunity to witness the vibrant energy of the sounds of Tropical Salsa from one of the legends of the genre. Oscar D´ Leon´s performances are unstoppable with no down time to breathe between songs, powering through uniting body and dance as one and demonstrating his singularity and sympathy, even sharing on occasion the dance floor with his audience for well over two hours. Oscar D´Leon is widely recognized as one of the great

Friday October 28th Is The Official New York City Debut of Tanner Horn !!!

              the Music and Style of  Tanner  Horn & THE SEXTRONAUTS Will Rock New York  this Friday October 28th!! !         Tanner Horn's art has been compared to the likes of Jean Michel Basquiat, Jean Duffet, John Frusciante, and Jackson Pollack. "There is a mixture of beauty and chaos and madness to his work that is aunthentic and genuine beyond his years, he takes apart all the memories, all the meanings, and reapplies them into his own vision of beauty and madness"-LA Examiner The icing on the cake for the evening is without a doubt the performance by Tanner Horn This special 2 part set is few and far between so get while the getting is good! We could send quotes all day from people like Carson Daly and the LA Times etc. but we think this 2 part set; 1st half intimate acoustic & 2nd half w/ TH & his beautiful dancers will speak for itself. The venue is the famous Bardot Heights in t