Friday, May 25, 2012


An unprecedented special event featuring performances by three generations of GRAMMY® award winning Tropical music titans Luis Enrique, Oscar D’Leon and
El Gran Combo

The yearly worldwide Salsa celebration hits Los Angeles, set to break its own record of an astounding 3,000 attendees per evening and boasting an unprecedented headlining act that is sure to make history. Now on its 14th year, the Los Angeles Salsa Congress is the most anticipated international music festival, with a formidable lineup this year featuring three generations of GRAMMY® award-winning titans of Tropical music, dancers and veteran instructors and electrifying DJs providing music and entertainment from all over the globe.

Produced by the world’s premier producer of live salsa music and dance events, Albert Torres Productions, this traveling musical extravaganza has stops all over the world including Dubai, Canada and Japan. The week-long festivity in Los Angeles attracts over 20,000 Latin Music fans from all over the world and boasts talent from around the world including performances by top billing artists, interactive classes by the world’s top dance instructors and the best tropical music DJs from around the globe.  This year music aficionados are in for a special treat as the FANIA All-Stars label will be at a sponsorship booth area selling their incredible music collection throughout the festival.

The Los Angeles Salsa Congress kicked off last night with Sexteto New Swing who performed along with special guest Alfredo De La Fe, special appearance by Jenny Colón, and completing this great Salsa roundup, the talented and well known Johnny Polanco and his orchestra. The opening fiesta was held at the preferred tropical music venue in L.A., the world famous Conga Room.  

This weekend starting on Friday May 25th, 2012, Island Touch Dance Academy, directed by renowned dancers Ataca and La Alemana (with over 37 million hits on YouTube) bring you Bachata Room. The rest of the week will feature a four-day intensive Musician’s Seminar with individual and group class directed by three-time GRAMMY® winner Oscar Hernandez.

To top off the night on  Friday May 25, 2012, iconic GRAMMY® award winning Salsero Oscar D’ Leon “El Leon de la Salsa” (The Lion of Salsa) and his full orchestra will bring his star performance to Los Angeles; with an already sold-out VIP seating, the evening will be just a taste of what will follow.

Saturday May 26, 2012 brings yet another stellar night with two time GRAMMY award winning "El Principe de la Salsa” (The Prince of Salsa) Luis Enrique returning to Los Angeles after a two year absence.

Finally, to close this stellar celebration, on Sunday May 27, directly from New York for a night of GRAMMY® nominees and winners, hailing from Puerto Rico and celebrating their 50th musical anniversary, the incomparable Rafael Ithier and El Gran Combo will take the stage as the final act.

All evenings will run approximately until 4am.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was addicted to crack cocaine and my life was one that California's criminal justice system saw fit to discard. When I got the treatment I needed, I was able to summon the strength to find a way out.
Right now, there is a bill in Sacramento that will help to stop the waste - in lives and dollars - that's endemic to California's over-incarceration crisis.
Senate Bill 1506 (D-Leno) revises the penalty for the simple possession of drugs under state law from a felony to a misdemeanor. Please ask your state senator to support this important reform when it comes up for a vote before the end of the month.
Why is this bill so smart? This bill:
  • saves $1 billion over five years by reducing prison and jail spending.
  • allows local and state government to dedicate resources to probation, drug treatment and mental health services, which have proven most effective in reducing crime.
  • frees up law enforcement resources to focus on more serious offenses.
California can no longer afford to continue locking up thousands of people each year and branding them "felon" for life simply for possessing a small amount of illicit drugs for personal use.

David Moss
Playwright and Activist
ACLU of Southern California

Join the ACLU and 100 other organizations - from drug treatment to law enforcement to civil rights - in encouraging our state senators to get smarter on crime, starting with SB 1506.

Action Alert
Time for California to get smart on crime, put the War on Drugs behind.

For low-level drug offenders, treatment – not incarceration – is effective crime prevention.
California can no longer afford to continue locking up thousands of people each year for years
on end and branding them "felon" for life simply for possessing a small amount of illicit drugs
for personal use. The waste, in dollars and lives, is far too great.
State Senator Mark Leno is sponsoring Senate Bill 1506 to revise the penalty for the simple
drug possession under state law from a felony a misdemeanor. The legislation will free up
 funding that can be used effectively to help more people get the treatment they need. It will 
help to safely relieve overcrowding in our jails and prisons. And it will remove barriers to 
community reintegration that work against sobriety and public safety.
Tell your state senator to support SB 1506 for meaningful drug law reform in California.
Note: SB 1506 does not change the penalty for sales, manufacturing, transportation or 
possession for sale.

Take action
"Everybody here should be calling their representatives, 
sending letters, flooding the place, saying 'we don't want 
people branded felons for the rest of their lives because
 they were once caught with drugs'."

-- Michelle Alexander
Author of "The New Jim Crow"

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