Friday, August 31, 2018

Mexican Rodeo JARIPEO SIN FRONTERAS with PEPE AGUILAR and Christian Nodal this Saturday!

Nine-time Grammy winner Pepe Aguilar & his family along with special guest
Christian Nodal bring JARIPEO SIN FRONTERAS to Anaheim, a revival of the
legendary Aguilar family’s touring tradition of jaripeo, a music and equestrian extravaganza combined with rodeo.

The Aguilar Family will not only revive
the jaripeo, but also the musical fusion that Pepe has created and that
makes it immediately recognizable; that is why Jaripeo Sin Fronteras will be
an update of the tradition combining today's technology with traditional jaripeo.

Jaripeo Sin Fronteras features performances by Pepe Aguilar, Leonardo and
Angela Aguilar, Christian Nodal, 12 mariachis, 20 band musicians, 7 musicians,
15 horses and more than a dozen bulls and other livestock. One of the most
spectacular shows of the year, joins Pepe Aguilar and family, along with
Christian Nodal, to perform on September 1 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

Saturday, September 1, 2018
8:00 pm

Honda Center
2695 E Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


This past Sunday at the Fashion Island Hotel of Newport Beach, YaoDun USA held a press conference that not only included information about its new coming projects and events, but also provided fine entertainment to all special guests and media. The attending public enjoyed a great Opera singer, Martial Arts exhibition, modern dancers and a fashion show.

Great entertainment performances at YaoDun USA press conference
Representatives of the Office of  Los Angeles County Supervisor, Orange County and Mayors of several California cities presented Achievement and Recognition Awards to the YaoDun China Chairman Mr. Yao Ming Wen and Ms. Sun Xiao Lei Chairwoman. Also present among others, were Director Adam Marino, DP Olesia Saveleva and Producer Anita Li. 

 Chairman Mr. Yao Ming Wen and Ms. Sun Xiao Lei Chairwoman of YaoDun receiving award


YaoDun USA Holdings Group was established in California, USA in 2017. Its mission is to promote global environmental protection through film and TV, charitable foundation, ecological technology, financial investment and blockchain technology. Its largest capital support is YaoDun Group in China. YaoDun USA aims to drive the global ecochain with its own industrial chain, from cultural influence to charitable foundations, from ecological technology to blockchain technology, all for the protection of the environment.

Excellent Opera singer captivated the audience at YaoDun´s press conference
YaoDun USA Holdings Group maintains a traditional corporate organization structure, with shareholders’ meetings, board of supervisors, directors, chairman, president, vice president, and executive team. The daily management is delegated to finance, legal, product and cultural development departments. Each department is staffed with director, deputy director, and full complement of support staff. The enterprise structure is organized for the successful development of projects, enterprises, and to drive the global eco-chain.

Ms. Sun Xiao Lei Chairwoman receiving award recognition in behalf of YaoDun USA
YaoDun USA Holdings Group will invest in film and TV, e-sports and other entertainment projects, cutting edge technology, especially those that relate to video industry, blockchain-based applications to protect the global ecosystem. These investments are currently focused in the U.S., U.K, and Thailand, but will expand
globally, including Japan and South Korea, in the near future. YaoDun also has a special interest in harnessing ideas and businesses that originate from universities and other academic institutions. A recent partnership was established with University College London in England to promote business, learning, and research. The Thai
subsidiary company operates satellite TV and will serve to broadcast content created by YaoDun USA Holdings Group. YaoDun Group itself is planning on launching a network of satellites, initially for surveying agricultural lands with spectral sensing technology, but may expand into communications, natural disaster warning system and other environmental protection applications.

Chairman Mr. Yao Ming Wen greeting the audience at Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach, CA

YaoDun International Foundation is a non-profit, charitable fund established to promote environmental protection through charitable giving and grants to grass root projects. Its aim is to lend a helping hand to environmentalists with grassroots ideas that need funding, and to promote the YaoDun brand through giving.

Tony Franco Los Angeles newscaster and radio producer congratulating Chairman Yao Ming Wen
Blockchain technology constitutes an important part of YaoDun USA Holdings Group’s development.      The Blockchain revolution to replace centralized ledger system is an exciting prospect. YaoDun USA Holdings Group is building a blockchain R&D and application team, combining foundational blockchain intellectual property and expertise with YaoDun's ecological technology to create exciting applications, including ones that will facilitate storage and processing of data from YaoDun satellites. The new paradigm will improve the quality of life for many as it provides a healthier environment and creates bountiful jobs.

 Ms. Sun Xiao Lei Chairwoman, Mr. Yao Ming Wen Chariman of YaoDun and Tim Shaw
With the accelerated growth and perfection of YaoDun USA Holdings Group, boundaries between organizations and countries will crumble, and global commerce will thrive to the benefit of mankind. YaoDun USA Holdings Group is an indispensable strategic partner in the global eco-chain, fighting for global environmental protection.

Anita Li Producer and DP Olesia Saveleva at YaoDun press conference

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