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Ontiveros left an indelible mark on Hollywood and the Latino Community

LOS ANGELES –  Friends and family of the pioneering American actress/ activist, Lupe Ontiveros, 
saddened by her passing  last July 26, remembered her life and legacy during rosary and funeral 
services in Pico Rivera, California this past weekend. 

Several of Ontiveros’ prominent friends participated in the services, including Actor/Philanthropist, 
Eva Longoria; Civil Rights Icon, Dolores Huerta; Actor/Activist, Edward James Olmos, L.A. County 
Supervisor for the First District, Gloria Molina; Members of the Ontiveros’ immediate family, and L.A.
 Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Ontiveros is remembered for  her portrayal  in several iconic Latino
roles throughout her decades-long career. She is survived by her husband Elias, sons Nicolas, Elias
and Alejandro, and granddaughters Marissa Marie and Jessica Ana.

This is how Lupe Ontiveros will be remembered smiling and with a vision of hope...
Ontiveros rose to prominence in 1983 for her role as a seamstress, maid, and mentor to an immigrant
girl from Guatemala in the film El Norte, which was nominated for an Academy Award; and is best
known for her role in the feature film Selena. She also starred in the theatrical and film versions of
 Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit; acted alongside Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets; starred in Steven
Spielberg’s The Goonies; and garnered an Emmy nomination for her role on ABC’s Desperate 

The National Board of Review granted Ontiveros the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in
Chuck and Buck.  She was frequently cast in roles as a maid throughout her career, but she was
known for proudly accepting those roles as a means to create opportunities for future Latina actors. 
More on her prolific film and television career can be found here.  She was a core and founding member
of the Latino Theater Company for over 25 years, where she also served on the board of directors and
appeared in many theatrical productions, most recently the company’s revival of "La Victima" in 2010 
where Ontiveros received rave reviews. 

Ontiveros congratulating actress America Ferrera for her  TV best actress award for "Ugly Betty." 
Ontiveros graduated from Texas Women's University and worked as a social worker in East Los Angeles 
and Compton for fifteen years before emerging as a constantly-working actress.  She maintained her 
activist spirit throughout her career as an actor, working to prevent domestic violence and promote 
awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention. She was a staunch supporter of Los Angeles Theatre Company, 
the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation (GLADD)and MALDEF’s legal and advocacy work.

Ontiveros’ wishes were that her family, her housekeeper, mentees, and friends (which included elected
officials, community activists, corporate executives, union organizers, and celebrities) celebrate with
music and dancing  in true “La Lupe’ fashion at Latino Company Theatre, which they all did.

Dear friends and colleagues have reflected upon Ontiveros’ life and legacy below:

Edward James Olmos y Marlene Dermer remembered Lupe Ontiveros´ Life and Legacy.
“Lupe was a dear friend, a massively talented performer and an inspiration to anyone lucky enough to know 
her. She will be missed.”
—Marc Cherry, Creator and Executive Producer, Desperate Housewives

“Lupe was a wonderful, loving, generous, funny, energetic, and sassy woman. She was full of life, she had 
a strong spirit, she was an original, unique, beautiful human being.  It was exactly those amazing qualities 
she brought to the characters she played that made her unforgettable for all generations, whether you are 
Latino or not.  We all have lost a wonderful actress, but more important, we have lost an inspiring woman, 
a Latino icon, an activist, and a mentor. Lupe was a true friend and a long supporter of LALIFF and our filmmakers. LALIFF, our community, and our cinema will miss her terribly.   We extend our love and 
deepest sympathy to her family during this time.”
—Marlene Dermer, Co-Founder/Executive Director, LALIFF

Lupe Ontiveros was loved by many who admired her as an actress and wonderful human being!
“I'm heartbroken by the passing of my dear friend, mentor, and confidant Lupe. Lupe was a warrior in the fight 
for Latinos and civil rights. She was always willing to support MALDEF and her community. We owe her a 
great debt for her trailblazing contributions in the arts and as a tireless community servant.”
—David Damian Figueroa, Vice President of Strategic Development and Communications,  MALDEF

“Lupe Ontiveros was one of my best friends.  We shared 38 years together in the entertainment business, at NOSOTROS, working in Zoot Suit, El Norte, Born in East L.A., The Border, and in many, many events. She 
was my sister, my family, my friend.  She gave dignity and respect to every role she created.  She sparkled 
on the screen and gave us a treasure unforgettable performances.  She was an icon and a tireless pioneer for Latinos in the entertainment industry.  I will miss her laughter, her joy, her dancing, her talent and her love.  
Lupe, querida, querida Amiga, GRACIAS POR TU AMOR! May the Angels surround you in the Light and May 
you always rest in peace.  We will always love you and never forget you, Hermanita!”
—Mike Gomez, Actor (Criminal Minds, El Notre, Zoot Suit)

“Thanks Lupe dear, for sharing your great spirit. What a huge privilege to have the opportunity to share a great moment in El Norte with you. A great  celebration of life has been your talent. Our great luck has been to enjoy 
it. All my love. All my blessings”
—Zaide Silvia Gutierrez, Lead actress (El Norte) Mexico DF

“Lupe Ontiveros inspired Latinos and audiences the world-over through her work and activism. Most personally,
 I am honored to have called her my friend for over 30 years. The Latino community and the entertainment
 industry have lost a great lady but she lives on through the iconic roles she played on film and TV -- but most importantly in our hearts.”
—Bel Hernandez, Latin Heat Media

Lupe Ontiveros at theMaldef Gala Celebration in Los Angeles 

 “Lupe Ontiveros leaves a huge gap in our Latino Community.  She was a gifted actress and strong feminist, 
and gave of her time and talent to all of the progressive causes in the communityShe persevered in her career opening doors to others and encouraging them in their careers. Her humor and authenticity brought spirit and 
joy to every occasion.”
—Dolores Huerta, Labor Leader and Organizer, Social Activist

“Para todos nosotros fue como una hermana, siempre laborando y ayudando a todos sobre todo a personas como yo.  Estamos comensando a abri camino en el cine Americano.  Fue punto y a parte una gran actriz, admirada y reconocida por todos.  Le enviamos un abrazo a todos en su familia con todo nuestro amor.”
—José José, World Renown Mexican Singer

Eva Longoria also remembered her dear friend Lupe Ontiveros
“I'm deeply saddened at the news of my dear friend Lupe Ontiveros'  passing. She was more than a colleague to me, she was my family. My heart is with your family Lupe . . .”
—Eva Longoria, Actor and Philanthropist

“Lupe Ontiveros was a tremendously talented actress and a wonderful human being.  Though she was instantly recognizable to countless film lovers throughout the world, Lupe Ontiveros held a special place in the hearts of Mexican-American moviegoers.  She will always be remembered for her range of memorable characters – endearing at times, villainous at others, often comedic, but always with lots and lots of heart.”
—Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor, First District

 “I'm truly saddened.  Lupe was representative of what is wonderful and inspiring in our comunidad and a great actress.”
—Rita Moreno, Actress (Happily Divorced, West Side Story)

Gregory Nava and Lupe Ontiveros
“Lupe Ontiveros was a magnificent actress and a great lady.  Her 
brilliant talent and spirit will live forever in the roles she created and 
the people she touched.  It was my honor and privilege to have known 
her and worked with her. Our community has lost a great light.”
—Gregory Nava, Director El Norte, Mi Familia & Selena

“One of the greatest living mothers, friend and artist has left us, Lupe Ontiveros.  She was a treasure to all who had the great fortune of 
crossing her life’s path…love, kindness and laughter were her gifts to 
all…and blessed we were, all of us who shared this life with her…
Husband, sons or friends…we will love you forever Lupe… Adios y 
amor… Por vida.”
 Edward James Olmos, Actor/Activist

“The one trait that differentiated Lupe Ontiveros was her ability to humanize any situation. Lupe had very clear
 the fact that the individual was always more important than anything else and that never changed, it did not matter who it was. Lupe's spirit will be with me until the end of my days.  Thanks for the ride of a lifetime my beloved Lupita.  Enhorabuena.”
—Enrique Pinerua, Manager

“In an industry that too often ignores the largest minority group in the country, Lupe fought for recognition of the very existence and the dignity of immigrant and working Latinos. In all of her roles and in her irrepressible and irreverent humor, Lupe's deeply heartfelt respect for her community always shined through. We were 
enormously privileged to have her support at MALDEF, and we will long feel this terrible and untimely loss.”
—Thomas A. Saenz, President and General Counsel, MALDEF

“Lupe Ontiveros' great talent extended far past television, stage and motion pictures. Indeed, she was a fine actress, but more than that, she was a woman of great action. And she was my friend for more than 20 years. 
As an actress and entertainer, she made us laugh, and she made us cry. As an advocate, she made us think and, more importantly, she made us do something. I will miss her.”
—Hilda L. Solis, U.S. Secretary of Labor

“Lupe was one of the great talents. Her range as an actor was absolutely Shakespearian. She could be so perfectly funny in one scene, and then so profound and tragic in the next, and always be true to the character. Lupe could play all the complexity and depth that we could write. What a gift. I’ll always be grateful that she
 was part of El Norte. When I think about it now, I can’t imagine anyone else in the part of Nacha.”
—Anna Thomas, Producer (El Norte)

“Lupe, will always be among the very best.  Her grounded priorities, with family first, enabled her to truly enjoy 
her professional achievements, her many friends and her wonderful life.”
—Liz Torres, Actress (Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls)

“Lupe Ontiveros was not only one of my best friends, for over 40 years. 
 She was my comadre, my sister, and we were part of each other's family. We have lost a tremendous talent and a great human being.  She was always there to help, encourage, guide, protect and push whoever needed
 it.  She would always protect you and fight for you as if you were her child.  I will miss her feistiness, her laughter, her 'chispa', her Love for Life and the love and protection she always gave me.  She was a fearless warrior.  
One thing I do know is that she is in heaven with the Creator and all I can ask is, 'Comadre, save me a place up there!”
-—Jerry Velasco, President Emeritus Nosotros

“Fue una estupenda actriz muy profesional en su trabajo, una excelente compañera de trabajo cuando filmamos El Norte y un ser humano muy generoso. Admiré su trabajo en Goonies, en Selena, en Blood in Blood 
Out, en Mi Familia.   Para mí siempre será  Nacha, ese entrañable papel que interpretó en nuestra amada película El Norte y la cuál alguna vez me dijo que era su cinta favorita.  Lupe vivirá eternamente en mi corazón.”
—David Villalpando, Lead Actor (El Norte) Mexico, DF

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