Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The United States Congress will also be Republican majority, which will facilitate the task of the new president-elected Donald Trump.

From the beginning when he announced his candidacy,  Donald Trump was heavily criticized and even many members of his party did not want him as a Republican presidential candidate, however this Tuesday, November 8, against all odds and obstacles, Donald Trump was elected as the new President of the United States in a close race in the popular vote, but more notorious in the electoral votes count. 
Donald Trump was the winner in 30 states, while Hillary Clinton won 20 states and the District of Columbia. in the Democratic headquarters, many people were sad about the results but also surprised of the vast support received by Trump, since the polls were favoring Clinton in many states just a few days ago,  but she lost!   

To all our readers I have to say this.... We never know what the future might bring,  but sometimes, the one who we less expect to do the right thing, might be the one who ends up doing it better! Let´s give Donald Trump a chance as President before judging him. 

I really like his attitude on his victory speech.   He praised Hillary Clinton and was a humble winner, not an arrogant one. He also reached for those who did not vote for him to unified forces and come together as one, to work hard and make this country a great nation once again! 

On behalf of our magazine EL NOTICOTO and our radio program TONY FRANCO RADIO SHOW,  want to extend my congratulations to the new President  DONALD J. TRUMP and I would like to ask  all our readers and listeners to join and support the new President  and put aside our differences to make this great country of us, a strong and powerful nation with equal opportunities for all regardless of race or social class ....

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