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Diet and exercise go hand and hand. In order to truly transform your body, you must commit to setting up a personalized fitness routine and sticking to it. It's a lifestyle change. Making exercise a daily part of your routine will transform your physical and emotional body. Studies show that people who lead a life filled with exercise live the longest and have the lowest incidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and mental deterioration! Good nutrition and exercise are "the fountain of 

You should be exercising for one hour everyday. Recently, the recommendation for exercise frequency was increased from 30 minutes three times a week to one hour of cardiovascular exercise 7 days a week. This does not imply that the intensity should be difficult everyday, but that the greatest amounts of health benefits are seen in those people who make exercise a part of their daily lives. Exercise can include any activity that makes you break a sweat, in…


By Mary Alize
Hello friends, Hope everyone is having a great New Year 2013 so far, it is that time again to bring you the best in Hollywood’s movie releases.
“Gangster Squad” (Drama) An action thrilled movie for all the gangster and mob movie lovers. A movie based in Chicago during 1949 a gangster born in Brooklyn is the main man in his town. He rules everything including gains from drugs, prostitutes, guns and anything that he can get a hold of. 
Not only does he have the full long support of the leader of his mob but also the support of the police and politicians who are all under his control. To his surprise there is a small crew of the LAPD who are determined to bring him down and his entire mob. 
A movie full of action and suspense directed by Ruben Fleischer with actors Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling and Michael Peña. 

“Haunted House” (Comedy)
A movie that contains a mix of what Paranormal Activities, the Devil Inside brought in theatres is combined in this new movie “Haunt…