De la Cruz first made headlines Tuesday night, after Twitter users lashed out at him, saying a “Mexican” shouldn’t perform the National Anthem and other racist comments.

The young performer expressed himself with class and dignity saying that his parents 
taught him not to judge people by their color or how they look, but by what´s inside.  
Sebastian De La Cruz also showed  excellent self-esteem showing a lot of self confidence
as he spoke about the racist venom shown on Twitter after his performance. Something 
that actually helped this great young artist, who has won many singing contests across the nation, and has appeared in several television shows, to gain more publicity and receive overwhelming support, even by our President Barack Obama! 
But the haters didn’t rule the day. A larger flood of support for the young musician overwhelmed the racist assumption that brown people with Spanish names don’t count as American. The classy San Antonio-native shut them down, pointing out during a televised appearance and on Twitter that he’s just as American as everyone else and a great performer. (Huffington Post)

De La Cruz received support from  President Barack Obama and actress/political activist Eva Longoria, among many other celebrities and NBA Players.

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