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Por Tony Franco

In a dangerous motorcycle competiton this morning in San Felipe Baja Mexico, the KTM racing Team of Caselli and Ramirez defeated the vaunted JCR HONDA team.

Dangerous because numerous racers were injured. Some, injured so badly they required medical evacuation flights back to the United States for treatment. Robby Bell and another racer suffered broken collar bones and the lead HONDA racer, 1x suffered a "knock-out" and was transported to the medical clinic for further evaluation, which was not forthcoming quickly.

The KTM Team 3x crossed the finish line for the win roughly 18 minutes in front of the HONDA Team 1x.
Colton Udall bringing up second place. Adam Neuwirths 103x finished in third place in this 26th running of the San Felipe 250, in the moto competition. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

EL NOTICOTO MAGAZINE will cover the BAJA 250 RACE in San Felipe, Baja California, México March 8-11, 2012

Everything is ready for this weekend in San Felipe. This beautiful beach town is hosting the traditional  Baja 250 Race. Marking the first Baja race of the SCORE International season, the race delivers a fierce contest of dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, Trophy Trucks, race trucks, desert buggies, Baja bugs and off-road race cars.
This beautiful port expects to receive between 18.000 to 20.000 tourists during the weekend. In addition to port, San Felipe covers the functions of spa tourism to be bathed by the warm waters of the Gulf of California.
 The Mayor,   Francisco Pérez Tejada Padilla signed an agreement with representatives  from SCORE  International, for the famous  "Baja 250 Off Road Race" , to continue taking place in San Felipe 2 more years at least.
 I covered this race over the past 2 years, and I noticed that this event  gives very good economic returns to the organizers and the city.
This weekend, there will be about 20,000 tourists at least, arriving to this beautiful port city, located 130 miles (207 kilometers) from Mexicali. Most visitors will come mainly from California, Arizona, Nevada, as well as Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada, although we  also might find some Europeans and Canadian tourists. 
The race activities will start on March 8th with registration of participants and media  at the Hacienda Don Jesus Hotel, while the mechanical review will take place on the boardwalk (malecon) on Friday in San Felipe.
On Friday, March 9, registration also continues at The Hacienda Don Jesus Hotel. 
On Saturday the 10th all  the competitors will depart from the monument of Los Arcos in San Felipe, to start the route of 250 miles, with the motorcycles leaving first at 6:00 AM, followed by the cars 2 hours later and then the trucks.  Finally, on Sunday March 11, there will be an award presentation ceremony at the plaza located on the waterfront of the port.

In 1930 , in San Felipe was considered a pier , it only had a population of 300 people. In 1940, its population reached 427 inhabitants. And in 1980 , with 6197 inhabitants,San Felipe was given the status of port . The actual population today is around 16.000 inhabitants. 
 It is a tourist attraction worldwide, because the port is only 200 km  from the México -USA border. The tourists arriving at the port, usually come from the western states of the USA and Canada. 
Along the entire Gulf Coast, you can enjoy an endless line of small beaches and excellent tourist communities using scuba gear, fishing, boating, photography and locomotion.
 San Felipe is two hours, maximum, of Mexicali , five hours from San Diego , connected by the Federal Highway 5 , and has an international airport, properly stocked and equipped to serve private aircraft.

                                                                               Last year, with almost 300 runners registered from around 27 states of the USA, as well as nine other countries, among them Canada, Denmark, England, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Italy and the host country Mexico, the race in his twenty-fifth edition, was ranked among the top five most involved in its history.
 The 2011 year race drew nearly 50 riders more than in 2009, and it also increased the participation of U.S. teams.  Two years ago, 17 states of the American Union were represented, while in 2010, San 
Felipe was visited by runners and teams from 25 American states.
 I really give public recognition for the work done by the security authorities such as the State Preventive Police, Federal Police, the Police and Municipal Transit and the Navy and Army, which allowed the developing of a very successful event.
It should also be mentioned that with the coordination between the Convention and Tourism Committee of Mexicali and municipal authorities of San Felipe delegation, major improvements were achieved, including having bleachers next to the goal line of the race, where thousands of people witnessed the arrival of the participants.
 San Felipe also through the Baja 250 race, receives one of the most important benefits, in my personal opinion, which is the international exposure achieved by the entity and the city as well.  The spreading of this race through the media from different countries,helps to achieve more tourism and economic growth. 
 I Deeply appreciate the kindness, and support  of many "San Felipeans", who always help us to make this coverage possible for our readers. The "essence" and warmth of the Latino Family is always present every year we travel to this beautiful port city.  
The incredible "Fiesta" atmosphere during these festivities is so great, that I wished they had this race twice a year!
Rockodile is one of the places that will be packed this weekend with entertainment until dawn!   As you can see, my friend José Cota already has his  reserved parking space. 
I want to especially express my gratitude to the families of my dear friends Martin Romo,  Francisco Sosa Méndez,  Julio Cesar Ramos and Guadalupe González,  from San Felipe, and my great friend José Cotafrom Mexicali, and many others, for their hospitality, time and assistance to not only do our job, but also enjoy our weekend in San Felipe.

BAJA 250 RACE is always a guarantee of fun, entertainment and excitement day and night!
I am looking forward to the waterfront 3 day "Fiesta" starting this coming Thursday! I can hear the mariachis and bandas playing already, while I am sitting down at a front beach restaurant  tasting delicious fresh seafood, and authentic Mexican food at Rosita´s International Restaurant, my favorite place to eat,  and watching the beautiful señoritas laughing and singing along the boulevard sipping a margarita and ejoying a marvelous sunset on the horizon with an espectacular view!
This is where most tourists go. One, it's on the boardwalk and two, they have A/C. The view  is also spectacular!. Please when you stop by, say hello to my good friend Martin Romo, a great human being, who  is always campaigning to keep this beautiful port clean and enjoyable for tourists and san felipeans. 

José Cota is ready to party in San Felipe this weekend...

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San Felipe here I come!                  

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Annete Mora's family and friends  who gave us a five star treatment along with all the personnel at this great place to stay in San Felipe Motel Chapala
THURSDAY, March 8--(All times PST)Racer Registration, Hacienda Don Jesus Hotel, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Media Registration, Hacienda Don Jesus Hotel, 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
FRIDAY, March 9--(All times PST)Contingency Row, Downtown on the Malecon, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Safety Inspection, Downtown on the Malecon, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Racer Registration, Hacienda Don Jesus Hotel, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Media Registration, Hacienda Don Jesus Hotel, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Mandatory Driver/Rider Meeting, El Cortez Hotel, 7p.m.
SATURDAY, March 10--(all times PST)
Posting of Unofficial Results-S/F Line (Los Arcos Hotel)-Throughout the day
Competition Review Board-Los Arcos Hotel, 8 p.m.
SUNDAY, March 11--(all times PDT)
Awards Celebration, Plaza on the Malecon, 10 a.m.
at the San Felipe Arches
SATURDAY, March 10--(all times PST-California Time) (Subject to Change)
Late Registration (Los Arcos Motel) Tech, start line, 5:30 a.m.-11 a.m.
Media Center Open, Los Arcos Motel, 5:30 a.m.-8 p.m.
Motorcycles, ATVs-6a.m.; Cars, Trucks-10 a.m. One Vehicle starts every 30 seconds.
22, 21, 30, 40, 50, 20, 60, 25, 24, SPT M/C>, SPT M/C<, SPT ATV, 26

TT, 1, 10, SL, 8, PT, 1-2/1600, 4, 5, 6, 7-2, 7, 7SX, 5-1600, 2, 3, SF, SM, 9, 17, SPT TRUCK, SPT BUGGY, 11, SPT UTV 
This weekend on March 8 - 11, 2012  SanFelipe is the place to be!

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