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PANCHO VILLA  Saturday, July 23, 8:00 pm Mother's Beach 5839 Appian Way Long Beach, CA 90802 FREE ADMISSION   Bring your own Beach Chair and blanket. Food and beverages will be available. Free parking after 6 pm    Gregorio Luke  will start a new  MURALS UNDER THE STARS  season next  Saturday July 23rd at 8:00 pm  with a new presentation on legendary revolutionary  PANCHO VILLA .   PANCHO VILLA  had been a fugitive and bandit when in 1910 he joined the uprising against dictator Porfirio Díaz and went on to become a legendary revolutionary and warrior. "I have always been fascinated by  PANCHO VILLA  -affirms Gregorio Luke- I have never encountered a more polarizing figure. For many Villa is a hero, a modern Robin Hood who protected the poor. With equal passion there are those who hate him. These passions, either positive or negative, are augmented by myth. It is surprising how a historical figure can be the depository of the fears and dreams of a nation."   What is


Health Beat (Harvard Medical School) Many people with anxiety disorders have trouble sleeping. That's a problem. Too little sleep affects mood, contributing to irritability and sometimes depression. Vital functions occur during different stages of sleep that leave you feeling rested and energized or help you learn and forge memories. Sleep usually improves when an anxiety disorder is treated. Practicing good "sleep hygiene" helps, too. Here are some steps to take: -Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. -Daylight helps set sleep patterns, so try to be outdoors while it's light out for 30 minutes a day. -Exercise regularly (but not too close to bedtime). An afternoon workout is ideal. -Keep naps short — less than an hour — and forgo napping after 3 p.m. -Avoid caffeine (found in coffee, many teas, chocolate, and many soft drinks), which can take up to eight hours to wear off. You may need to avoid caffeine entirely if you have pa