Thursday, November 8, 2012


By Tony Franco

President Obama with one of his daughters shortly before giving his re-election acceptance speech.
"Tonight the American people reminded us that  there is hope for a better tomorrow...The best is yet to come...We are one American family,  we fall and rise together ..." 
With these words, President Barack Obama  acknowledged the crowd who cheered  his reelection victory for a second presidential term in Chicago, where he awaited the presidential race results.  
President Obama added that during this campaign,  he was able to hear the voices of the citizens of both parties and their concerns and priorities, which have motivated him to return to work harder for them at the White House. 
"The citizen's role does not end with exercising your vote, but continues with the effort of each one of you to fulfill your dreams in a country that offers the opportunity to reach them ..." With these encouraging words, the president collected the applause of all followers in Chicago , where he, his wife and daughters and the family of Vice President  Joe Biden,  greeted and thanked their supporters,  who mingled with tears of joy cheering the president, after having achieved the victory over Republican opponent Mitt Romney , who congratulated the President and offered his help and cooperation.
Barack Obama  was reelected president of the United States in a close race where the popular vote was split almost in half. Although the electoral vote might not reflect so, it was a close battle to gain the people´s vote. 

WinnerNameMatchesPopular Vote%Percentage of VotesElectoral Votes
ObamaDemocrat60,662,17450 %30326 States
RomneyRepublican GOP57,820,74248 %20624 States
Others Others1,786,4552  %00 United

The current election campaign was one of the most vibrant in history!   Barak Obama and Mitt Romney  fought inch by inch until the last day, last hour every vote of the electorate. The key states of Ohio and Florida, gave victory to Obama by a narrow margin, which added enough electoral votes to overcome the 270 needed to win the presidency. But at the end, I think that even if he would have lost those 2 states, Obama could have won. 
Barack Obama  also won key states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire and undoubtedly the Latino vote was key to securing California, Florida and Colorado, which ultimately guaranteed his victory.

The presidential family came out  in Chicago to greet his fans who cheered them happily  upon learning of the reelection victory.
I remember that in 2008, none of the experts predicted a victory for Obama in the Democratic primaries. In the end, not only he became president, but was able to maintain its leadership, against all odds and now, even with the crisis of unemployment and the poor economy, he obtained his second consecutive victory.

Mitt Romney thanked his supporters for their support during the campaign and accepted the victory of President Obama, adding willing to help and work with him for the benefit of the country.

President Obama and Vice President Biden embrace after the president's acceptance speech in Chicago.
Maybe the American people remembered how the country was  when Obama became president  four years ago, after Republican George W. Bush. Perhaps Romney  with his political changes could not prove to be a reliable candidate to straighten the economy, but the truth is that even though the Republican candidate made ​​an arduous campaign,  he could not win the latino vote that definitely made a difference! He only received 21% ot that vote, the lowest for a Republican candidate in the last 3 elections. 
President Obama  today became with this victory,   the second Democrat since the early 40's, to achieve reelection victory after Bill Clinton (1993-2001). 
Winning this reelection is something admirable in my own opinion, especially managing a triumph when unemployment  is so high, and we still have a bad economy. But Obama did a great convincing his followers and voters that his plan needs a second term to get accomplished. He asked for a second term to deliver the expected results from the people at the end of his time as President of the United States.  
Michelle Obama , First Lady of the United States, once said "When you've worked hard and you've done well, and have managed to reach the door of opportunity, do not close it behind you, help others to get the same opportunities you now have to achieve success in life ... "
No doubt her husband's story reflects those thoughts, the reelected president was born in Hawaii, his father was from Kenya and his mother from Kansas. He grew up in the care of his grandmother and the support of his grandfather. With the help of student loans and scholarships, Obama was able to finish his college career and moved to Chicago where he began his political career serving and helping others in his community.
Our staff congratulates President  Barack Obama  and Vice President  Joe Biden , along with their families, in this important victory. (you can hear Obama´s complete speech in the above vídeo). 
Nuestro personal, a través de,  felicita al presidente Barack Obama y a su compañero de campaña el vicepresidente Joe Biden, junto con sus familias, en este importante triunfo.

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