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By Tony Franco The audience of Los Angeles County and surrounding cities will have the opportunity to enjoy a great play THE CLOSET, which will be presented this weekend with a single function Friday (8pm) and Sunday (2pm), and 2 presentations on Saturday (3 and 8pm), at the Complex Theater in Hollywood. With an international cast, this play promises to steal the applause of theater fans, as it did this past spring when it was exhibited in the city of Monterey Park, California.  This comedy also shares a great message for the audience! This play of Anibal Aprile, is being adapted and directed by Julian Sergio Oliveira, who also co-produced it with Manuel Sicarios. El Clóset is a play about the Human Soul. It transcends language barriers into a universal story about transformation in a lifetime. Edgar Allan Poe vibrates at the walls of Luis Miguel Baker’s seedy apartment in Hollywood. His wife, Christina, now his widow, comes from Beverly Hills with a mutual friend, Carlos, to investigate …