Tuesday, November 22, 2011


By Tony Franco
The Kansas City Chiefs were 3 points ahead going into the second quarter of Monday Night Football, but New England reacted after a shaky start by their quarterback Tom Brady,  who managed only 19 yards in the first quarter, and took advantage of three interceptions in the game by the inexperienced Kansas City quarterback Tyler Palko, who had his first career start in the NFL last night replacing the injured Matt Cassel.

At the end of the first half, the Chiefs managed to stay close within 7 points, witnessing an interception by Arrington of the Patriots who leads the NFL with seven total, and a 21-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski who made it 10-3 in favor of New England.

After enjoying a great cheeseburger and curly fries at half-time at HOOTERS, I started watching along with many other happy customers, who like me, enjoyed the excellent customer service at this great restaurant in Covina, how New England started dominating the game driving 85 yards on nine plays, which ended on a 19-yard pass by Brady to Gronkowski, making it 17-3. By the way, Gronkowski has surpassed Mike Ditka´s mark of more touchdowns in fewest games for a tight end, he now has 20 touchdowns total in only 26 games, Mike needed 31 games to reach that many.  Gronkowski also pulled within three of the single-season, tight-end record of 13 touchdown receptions held by Antonio Gates of San Diego and Vernon Davis of San Francisco.
Julian Edelman scored on a 72-yard punt-return touchdown. 
Edelman was next on increasing New England’s margin by getting his second punt-return touchdown of his career, as the Patriots made it 24-3, scoring more points in the first few minutes of the third quarter (14), than in the first two together (10)!
On the next Chiefs´ possession, Arrington intercepted again! Leading to a 19-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski. 

On the other end, I think the closest that Palko came to drive his team to a touchdown was in the first minutes of the last quarter, but unfortunately, he suffered yet another interception! This time, Phillip Adams was the one who caught the ball in the end zone.
After that play, the story of the game was almost written, except for the ending note which would be added later on by rookie Shane Vereen, scoring his first NFL touchdown with one minute left in the game, on a 4-yard run.

At the end of the game, Kansas City quarterback Palko had completed more yards than his rival Brady from New England, but he also had suffered three interceptions, that was the big difference! Brady completed 15 of 27 passes for 234 yards with no interceptions, Palko finished with 25 completions of 38, with 236 yards.

On their last game, the Patriots had also dominated the New York Jets 36-14, for the Chiefs this was their third consecutive loss.
New England is now 7-3 leading the AFC East by two games, and Kansas City has a record of 4-6.

I want to thank Vanessa and Selena at Hooters for the VIP treatment last night; Thanks also to Chantelle and all the wonderful people that work every day at this wonderful restaurant-bar in the city of Covina, including their manager Kyle for such number one customer service. Keep up the good work!
 I hope to see you all there next time!
Vanessa, Selena and Chantelle
This great team won the Numero Uno Customer Service Award
Selena, Vanessa, Tony Franco www.elnoticoto.com and Chantelle

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