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El NotiCoto Digital Magazine covers sports, news, music and entertainment in both Spanish and English versions. We have thousands of readers all over the world, who follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Univision, Redvida and our own Internet sites  in both Spanish and English:
Digital magazines our very popular today, people no longer buy as many printed newspapers and magazines because they have all the information they need with just a click from their computers, ipads, laptops, and cellular phones.
Besides our own news, El NotiCoto  provides links to all the newspapers and radio stations in the world. We cover news and articles that are appealing to men, women and the whole family.
We offer publicity packages that we guarantee will provide results for your business, or double your publicity for free! If you are a promoter,  nightclub owner, or own any other type of business, we suggest you give us a call (323) 325-4502 or write me personally and I will gladly work with you with ideas to make that cash register sound more often.
I personally have 25 years of experience as a sales consultant, Program Director, Sales Manager of several radio stations in the past. I also edited several publications and have a degree in Journalism/Media Communications and marketing.
By the way, we are offering a great special for 3 months for our coming Anniversary Dance Celebration on June 10, 2012. Your business receives 3 months of publicity in different sections of our magazine in both English and Spanish for only $599.00 plus a table for four at our VIP Section the day of our event. We will also advertise your business during our celebration. We hope to see you there and share with us this great opportunity to introduce your business to our readers. The price itself for a VIP table and one month publicity is only $300.00
We have many other packages available that will fit your needs and budget.
Any questions please feel free to call us or email us: ADVERTISING@ELNOTICOTO.COM
Tony Franco 
Owner and Director
Tel. (323)325-4502

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