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Filth to Ashes Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles! This Monday September 26th at The Regent Showcase Theater

Compiled by Tony Franco
JEOA  PRODUCTIONS is proud to announce the theatrical release of it’s flagship title:
FILTH TO ASHES FLESH TO DUST, which will be released by horror masters BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS through their theatrical  arm NOCTURNAL FEATURES/MIDNIGHT RELEASING  for a limited theatrical release,  2011.

Filth To Ashes Flesh To Dust: Everyone has a weakness. The Schizophrenic serial killer known as Purge made it his mission to eliminate the weak and build a perfect society. But news of his demise has been exaggerated, as a group of college bound friends on one last adventure, quickly discover. Each of their weaknesses exposed, only the strongest will survive.

There will be a Red Carpet Premiere of Filth to Ashes this coming Monday starting time 7 p.m. at:

Regent Showcase Theatre
614 S. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90036

People attending will be able to see the film right after the Red Carpet Ceremony.
Thanks to the efforts of JEOA PRODUCTIONS admission is FREE!
And of course like every good Red Carpet event,  there will be an after party in Hollywood...

Would you like to go? Then...look for the mysterious man wearing a black hat with white stripes and dark glasses... 
His black T-Shirt has this logo on:

He might look like this...

Just make sure you don´t look weak, ask him for the address to the after party in Hollywood with a strong tone of voice because he might be looking to invite only those who fit in a perfect society....


Filth To Ashes was filmed in 2010, and quickly acquired by Darin Ramage, President of Brain Damage films. Ramage was impressed with the independent horror  film’s quality, he added the much sought after theatrical run.



“I wanted to do a classic slasher film, but add some smartness to it”, says Executive Producer (and Writer), Armont Casale. “I’m a horror fan, making a movie for horror fans.  It’s got a 70’s, 80’s vibe to it.  It’s a fun movie but it makes you wonder, what’s my weakness? Would I be a victim?”
Amongst the film’s cast is Anton Troy, who also stars in horror director Adam Green’s (Hatchet II)new film Chillerama.
Filth To Ashes is directed by Paul Morrell (Mtv movie award nominee). And co-produced by Gordon Vasquez and Terry James.

Filth to Ashes Flesh to Dust is the first feature produced under the JEOA  Banner.  From Start to finish the film is an action packed horror ride, that introduces a horron icon for a new generation: PURGE 

The Jeoa Team:

Armont Casale: Executive Producer/Writer

Formerly a part of the creative development team at Reveille Ent, Armont worked alongside Reveille Founder and former NBC President, Ben Silverman. Helping develop hits such as THE OFFICE, Ugly Betty, The Tudors and many others before branching out and founding Jeoa Productions.

Terry James:Producer.

With over  thirty years of experience, Terry has produced several features including the horror hit, The Ride.  Terry also second unit directed the film Deadly Delusions.  He was nominted for an Emmy Award this year for his work as Stunt Cordinator on the number daytime series Young and The Restless.
Filth To Ashes is directed by Paul Morrell. Paul was nomniated for an MTV movie award for his musical short,  Texas Chainsaw Musical. His film Oversold, Is currently playing nationwide.

Cast Includes:

Linda Bella- Tropic Thunder
Armont Casale – recurring on the hit Nickelodeon series, I Carly.
Dana Chapaman – recurring on the daytime series Young and the Restless.
Anto Troy - Chillerama

Cast Promoting the Film

Come ready to spend a terrific night with all the beautiful reporters from El NotiCoto Magazine  known as Tony´s Angels and the exciting cast of this serial killer thriller movie FILTH TO ASHES FLESH TO DUST...

Please if you scream out loud...don´t sit next to me, because I´m sure this movie will have everyone at the edge of their seats, and screaming to go home!!!...But then, that is not fun either, I hate to watch movies alone...

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