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Our Beauty of The Month Miss NotiCOTO September 2011 Nitzia Chama

  By Tony Franco
This month  many countries celebrate their independence including México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile and Brasil. 

Every month El NotiCoto Magazine also elects its "Belleza del Mes" or Our Beauty of the Month, from many beautiful señoritas.  We are honor to announce that   NITZIA ANAHÍ CHAMA is our selection for MISS NOTICOTO HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH 2011.

Nitzia was born on August 30, 1988 in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, and this particular month of September, when her country and many Mexican residents around the world  celebrate Independence from Spain, she was also  elected  Miss. Fiestas Patrias 2011-2012 by the Mexican Civic Patriotic Committee of Los Angeles, CA,  USA. She was the Queen of the Parade in East Los Angeles last September 10, 2011. 
Her mother Alba E. Villa is from Sinaloa, and her father, Mario A. Chama Diaz is from Veracruz, both extremely proud of the achievements of their beautiful daughter Nitzia.  The family of 5 members is completed by  Ramses Chama     the oldest brother, and  Mara 16.
Nitzia since she was a little girl loved art, for that reason she was a student of oratory and poetry during her childhood, always supervised and supported by her grandfather, the great poet, orator and teacher Leoncio Chama. 

Nitzia was very close to her parents and grandparents in the city of Xalapa. She was also cared for and grew up  with love and affection from her grandmother Nelly Diaz, a noted dancer of ballet, a discipline that also led Nitzia  to travel and have  different  international dance encounters, she studied dance  and academically had her  preparation in the State of Veracruz.
In 2008 during a period of 2 years, she  worked in radio and television as host of "Despierta Veracruz" (wake up Veracruz), and then on "Economic Veracruz" promoted by the Ministry of Economic Port  Development.
For 2009 a new challenge would come to her life, the media "Region", in Veracruz State Tourism was created and driven by this young talented lady, which today is still circulating among Veracruz's media, servi Chama Nitzia still serving as CEO of such an undertaking.

During the election period of 2010, the Veracruz Electoral Institute selected her as image and voice of the commercials that were presented by various radio and television broadcasting institutions, where this beautiful girl from Veracruz, "hermosa veracruzana",  urged citizens to exercise their right to vote.

 Nitzia also had the opportunity to make commercials for the Fight against HIV to participate as an accompanying image to Veracruz different public and political figures.
In the year 2010, Nitzia had the opportunity to graduate in 2 different careers, the Bachelor of Business Administration and on the other hand in Early Childhood Education Degree, majoring in both  with extraordinary thesis topics and receiving high recognitions. .

Currently, Nitzia Chama resides in Los Angeles California for just over 9 months, where she is studying acting in "Stella Adler Hollywood" (Academy of Acting and Theater).
This September, a new responsibility has emerged in her career, to further disseminate the culture, art, history and cuisine of his beautiful Mexico, by being crowned last August 21st, as MISS FIESTAS PATRIAS  2011. (Miss México Independence Festivities). 
 Our Beauty of the Month for September will be honored by El  NotiCOTO Magazine all this month as its Beauty Representative , as Miss Fiestas Patrias 2011 she wants to thanks all persons involved in the realization of the Independence Parade, an event that is held  year after year in Los Angeles by The Mexican Civic and Patriotic Committee , because thanks to the hard work of the people involved, young Mexican women have the opportunity to represent the beauty and culture of their beautiful country in and outside.its borders, ¡MÉXICO!. 
As Miss Fiestas Patrias 2011, Nitzia will be the image and spokesperson for an institution such as the legendary Mexican Civic Patriotic Committee, which day by day struggle to strengthen and prevail the traditions and customs that make its people identify themselves with their  Mexican ancestors and culture.

Our Beauty of the Month Nitzia Chama with the talented and pretty  Gabriela Teissier, host  of First Edition on Univision TV.

El Noticoto wants to wish  best of luck to Our Beauty of the Month September 2011 Nitzia  Anahi Chama Villa and we are certain she will be a great representative of our magazine and. of the Mexican Community in the USA. as Miss Fiestas Patrias  2011 in the different cultural activities where she will not only grace the event with her beautiful smile, but  will also conquer the world with her talent, beauty and personality!

Nitzia looking her best with the folk costume from his beloved land.

Our Beauty of the Month Nitzia ... Flirty? Siiiiii Intelligent? Yesssss ,  Hermosa? Of course ...!

Nitzia  is about to take a relaxing  jump in the pool at the end of a hard working day, displaying her beauty  as she poses  in her bathing suit ... Who will be our next beauty of the month? Soon you will know can participate by visiting

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