Wednesday, December 7, 2011


By Alejandra Rodríguez

Adamari Lopez and Spanish dancer Toni Costa can no longer hide their feelings for one another. They tried to deny that they are dating but, they cannot hide that they are truly very much in love.

In fact, Toni has left everything in his native Spain, and looks like he has settled permanently in Miami to be close to the woman who stole his heart.  

Adamari and Toni met on the hit Spanish-language dance show 'Mira Quien Baila!' and when they danced together a very sensual tango, they couldn't contain the fire within themselves, kissing each other at the end of their performance on the tv show. That reaction was not part of the scrip!

I am personally happy for her, now the ex of the popular Puerto Rican singer and composer Luis Fonsi is happily in love again. She definitely is a woman who deserves the best in life and today, She is on top of the world!

This is the Tango that started their romance! 

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